Teak Shower Mat

The Advantages of a Teak Shower Mat

The conventional shower mat is made of rubber or cloth materials. However, a teak shower mat is such a better choice to make than the conventional options, that when carefully considered, you will wonder why it is only now being used for that purpose.

The look of teak immediately lifts the visual appearance of any bathroom. It possesses very subtle tones that work well with a variety of decors. The hardwood is a beautiful material that adds an element of luxury to any room.

The wood is quite popular around the world, but Asian southeastern countries are commonly thought of as being the influence for its household use. In these countries the material is commonly used for the construction of furniture and buildings. If your home’s interior design is focused on Asian design, then the use of teak is an appropriate choice of material to incorporate, and a shower mat of teak would be a good option for the bathroom.

Many good properties in the wood make it especially appropriate for use in the bathroom. It contains natural oils, and silica which makes it a good choice in exposed applications. The wood is resistance to damage by water, and pest and termite proof. These are the features that make the wood appropriate for use in outdoor furniture and also in flooring. These same features make it a good choice for bathroom mats, since it will be resistant to rotting and developing wood mold, and attracting bugs into the home.

Its dense and decay resistant nature makes it especially appropriate for the use of flooring, and also it will potentially last forever. These properties justify the higher cost of a shower mat made of this wood.

Teak has a smooth feel due in part to the dense, tight nature. This is an advantage this material has over the alternative rubber or cloth shower mats. It compares in luxury in the same way as hardwood compares to carpet floors.

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Teak Shower Mat